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The warehouse is more than just a box or place to store goods. Modern warehouses are very different from warehouses twenty years ago and their role is changing rapidly according to the economic and trade conditions of the market. The warehouse is a major facility in the supply chain whether it is a company or a corporation. An ideal warehouse planning needs to follow best practices for planning to ensure the success of any project.Properly designed warehouse planning from the first time eliminates delays and order changes, saving time, effort and money. The warehouse is usually divided into areas to support the daily logistics activities. These include: future, anchoring functions, quality control, storage, initial selection, shipping and transportation. Modern warehouses are linked to modern technology, which begins by analyzing current data and expected data on all activities in each of these functional areas and supports this data from other considerations such as daily flow of operations from other departments and disciplines.

 The purpose of this designed course is to ensure the planning of the best warehouses and improve the administrative and technical procedures for storage and functions in order to achieve the maximum production capacity and use of the optimum space.

  • Information’s and the features of warehouse management.
  • Building and developing human capacities in the management of assets, materials and stores.
  • Technical and administrative operations and inventory in warehouses and warehouses.
  • Information and technological services provided for warehouses and inventory management.
  • Managers and staff of  warehouses
  • Managers and staffs of contracts and procurement departments
  • Responsible for administrative and technical operations
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