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In today’s business world, where competition is high, and every individual is trying to differentiate himself/herself from others, the right attitude and skill set apart from the technical know-how became important. When domain-specific skills help the professionals on what todo, there is also the technical application of this know-how. "PHP andMYSQL" workshop is a practical training on learning how to develop a website and link it with a database usingPHP language and MySql, and how to secure the content of the website. This four weeks training course primary objective is to familiarize individuals and groups with PHP language and coding and how to develop a full project based on the learning outcomes. The course is a rich variety of practical and theoretical aspects of essential soft skills required for professional development.

  • Master PHP programming.
  • Master MySQL programming.
  • Code and debug a PHP application.
  • Master the advanced skills for building websites.

Developers in IT Section of MODSG Office.

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