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This course is designed for employees who wish to make better business decisions under uncertain, risky and dynamic situations. This course offers a detailed insight on the importance of managing risks in enterprise using decision making approaches, probability models, cause-effect relationships and business forecasting.

  • To understand the key concepts, processes, tools and approaches underlying risk assessment and management
  • To be capable of foreseeing various types of risk (e.g., strategic risk, financial risk, operational risk, compliance risk, reputation risk).
  • To allow you to use the potential of statistical approaches and decision making techniques for evidence based risk management
  • To help identify a number of areas where such approaches and models can be applied for effective decisions making and risk management
  • Introduction & Foundation Of Decision Making
  • Managerial Decision Making
  • Risk And Ethics DecisionMaking
  • Decision Involving Multiple Objectives
  • Risk Analysis(Understanding Statistical Techniques And Applications)
  • Risk Analysis(Introduction To Probability)
  • Risk Analysis (Decision Making Under Uncertainty)
  • Risk Analysis (Financial Decisions Making)
  • Risk Analysis(Introduction To Modeling)
  • Risk Analysis (Cause & Effect Relationships Using Structural Equation Model & Forecasting)

This course has been designed for senior to middle level executives. The program gives an insight in to understanding, analyzing and implementing a risk environment and culture. The course helps insulate risk as part of planning and execution.

This course is applicable to the following Industries:

  • Defense Sector
  • Higher Education
  • Construction
  • Banking
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Food Processing
  • Automobile
  • Aviation
  • Process Industry
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Logistics And Supply Chain
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