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This one-day course aims to educate the participants on how to become effective moderators and facilitators. The program has been prepared keeping in mind the audience and how effective panel discussions must be conducted in a corporate/business environment to obtain maximum outcomes. The participants will get a clear idea about what it means to be a moderator, how to design the flow of the event, how to prepare for the discussion, how to handle communication with the panelists, manage the discussion and time etc. They will also go through different scenarios that may come up in real-life discussions and will be given tips on how to manage them.

  • Develop a clear understanding about how to be an effective moderator or facilitator.
  • Understand the role of the moderator, skills and tools to use
  • Learn how to design a panel discussion and how to manage time
  • Learn strategies for preparing for the discussion (for the moderator & panelists)
  • Have a knowledge on Tried and tested methods for introducing the topic, the moderator and panelists
  • UnderstandStrategies for time-management, audience engagement and panelist management
  • Learn methods for closing the session in an effective manner
  • Being an effective moderator
  • Preparing for a panel discussion/conference/group discussion
  • Components of a panel discussion
  • Introducing yourself
  • Introducing your panelists
  • Introducing the topic and building momentum
  • Moderating the discussion
  • Managing time
  • Engaging the audience
  • Closing the discussion
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