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As enterprises migrate toward controller based architectures, the role and skills required of a core network engineer are evolving and more vital than ever. To prepare for this network transition, the CCNA Routing and Switching certification will not only prepare you with the knowledge of foundational technologies, but ensure you stay relevant with skill sets needed for the adoption of next generation technologies.

  • Explain how the TCP/IP model and the OSI model are used to facilitate standardization in the communication process
  • Describe the structure of an IPv4 address including the network portion, the host portion, and the subnet mask.
  • Configure a router/switch with basic configurations
  • Describe the representation of an IPv6 address and types of IPv6 network addresses
  • Configure, verify, and troubleshoot RIPv2 and OSPF for IPv4
  • Network Fundamentals
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • Routing Technologies
  • WAN Technologies
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Security & Management
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