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The objectives for this professional course are, to familiarize the participant with supply chain activities & best modern supply chain practices, participant will get to know about best practices in the formation of contracts. Participants will be able to apply appropriate tendering procedures, procurement strategy and contractual arrangements.

  • Apply appropriate supply chain practices in an organization
  • Gain a better understanding of the appropriate tendering and procurement selection
  • Improve their strategy for suitable procurement and contractual arrangements
  • Effectively apply the tendering and procurement techniques in dealing with high-risk projects and provide a suitable solution for organization requirement

This professional short course will support the participant to learn and improve on the transferable and universal skills that are common across supply chain and procurement paths. This includes problem-solving, teamwork, and management skills among others.

  • Supply Chain Practices
  • Formation of Contracts
  • Types of Procurement Methods
  • Tender Documents
  • Examining and Analyzing of Tenders
Skills Empowered
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