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This one-day (8 hours) course aims to inform participants about the growing importance of Emotional Intelligence for leaders and other business professionals in the workplace. Through this course the participants will first learn the meaning of EI and its different elements.They will then assess their own EQ using a recommended test. The course covers various methods by which one’s emotional intelligence can be improved. SeveralEI-centric case studies and role-plays will be enacted and discussed to model expected emotions/behaviors in different workplace scenarios. The course will conclude with practical recommendations and tips for strengthening one’sEmotional Intelligence to improve one’s work and personal life.

  • UnderstandingEmotional Intelligence and its importance
  • Understanding the 5 elements of EI asper Daniel Goleman
  • Assessment of one’s own EI
  • Stages of strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Learning to improve one’s Emotional Intelligence and applying the same at work and in relationships
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