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In the modern world of business, where competition is fierce, technology is an enabler and a disruptor, and global market dynamics make customer engagement and loyalty difficult, sales forces are constantly challenged to find new ways of generating business and maintain relationships.The conventional ways of linear sales processes are getting obsolete fast in this day and age of Twitter and Instagram, changing customer demographics and tastes, and sales leaders must reinvent themselves to understand customer needs, relate to their expectations and emotions, and find new ways to satisfy their demands.

SalesExcellence isa two-day advanced programme that offers leaders and managers a unique opportunity to identify and solve Customer Experience issues in this rapidly changing environment. The objective is to explore the various nuances of theCustomer’s actual experience with people, products and processes and innovate for real solutions that improve business results. Through strong use of experiential techniques, Audio-Visual methods and “learning by doing” approach, the programme helps participants walk away with new tools and experiences that are useful and innovative, in application and impact.

  • Understand and experience Sales Excellence through a deep Customer centered approach.
  • Explore the background, context and dimensions of opportunities and problems, learn research methodologies needed to capture data and create Insights.
  • Focus on addressing sales challenges from different directions, keeping in mind Customer Experience and Satisfaction at the centre.
  • Focus on action-oriented learning, through iterative and prototype-driven approach leading to innovative solutions.
  • Use innovative tools like Persona, Empathy Maps and3D Modeling to break down barriers, move out of comfort zones and explore novel and experiential techniques to look at possibilities.
  • Develop a collaborative approach to solving issues at work, engage in an exciting environment of co-creation and creativity.
  • Understand why Customer Centricity is key to Sales Excellence.
  • Apply 5-step model of Design Thinking to understand customers better and innovate for their better experience, to meet sales targets and build relationships.
  • Focus on Empathy – research-based approach to dive deep and engage with customers to know them and their lives more meaningfully.
  • Apply innovative approaches to generate insights and brainstorm for solutions.
  • Create realistic solutions through active prototyping to walk away with what can ensure Sales Excellence at work.
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