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Seeds for a successful contract are sown at the tendering stage itself and hence it is necessary to be clear on fundamentals of Tenders, Bids and Contracts along with the Risk perception. The global playing field now available for the business makes the subject applications further challenging because of sheer complexities involved.

This program has objectives of making participants aware of intricacies of Tendering, Bid Evaluation, Bidding, and Contracting along with drafting & formulation of contract and contract management. The participants would be taken through the relevant gamut of Tenders, Bids and Contracts and their processes involving tea m of various functionaries. Deliberations on high and low lights of certain elements of Tenders, Bids and Contracts will enable participants understand the practical applications effectively.

  • Relationship between Bids and Tenders.
  • Effective Tender ManagementProcess and Systems
  • The basic structure of Tender and Bid.
  • Factors to be taken care in making valid Bid with High Winning Possibility.
  • How to improve Profit and cash-flow of a Project
  • Selection of Business model forBidding
  • Cross Check of Bid before Submission
  • What is contract Management andAdministration
  • Important Clauses in Tender and Contract.
  • How to manage the Change/ Variation during the Project Implementation
  • Risk Identification and ItsMitigation
  • Critical clauses to be negotiated

This course is for employees in contracting, insurance, procurement, and tendering departments, Managers, and business professional.

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