Our Training Process

We, at Middle East Institute for Advanced Training (MEIAT), follow a standard process to design programs which align seamlessly with your entity`s needs.

What we do

MEIAT aims at developing individual and organizational skills and align strategic intent through target focused training and consultancy since inception.Our operations span across the Middle East and India, boasting of one of the best human capital in the region, based on our rich background in academia, research, training, and consultancy. We offer a variety of training courses, based on the best practices centered on the rich individual experiences of our experts.

Why we do it

The wealth of experience in training has braced us  to adapt ourselves and our courses constantly to meet the needs and demands of businesses in the volatile market dynamics thus, customising them to our clients` requirements.

We follow the following stages to provide you with just the training your organisations requires:

We focus on understanding your organisations strategic intent and Philosophy.

We have a detailed meeting with you to understand your organisations and conduct an analysis to understand your organisational stand point and what you are trying to improve and how you intend to do so.

Based on proper assessments we determine your organisations actual processes though the lens of your vision and ideology, we understand the actual gaps that may exist and how to build on to reduce gaps and transform operations.

We suggest transformations based on gaps and possible approaches to reduce these snags, through focused training to effectively building your human capitals to effectively pursue organisations strategic intent.

Through our well-focused training designed to specifically suite your oorganisation’s requirements we assist to etch proper alignment between the strategic intent and actual delivery by employees. Thus, setting the precedence for perception alignment, based on understanding to gain actual engagement with organisation objectives.

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